India vs Bangladesh Women’s 1st T20I: BAN W vs IND W


In the much-anticipated 1st T20I match between the India and Bangladesh women’s cricket teams, Harmanpreet Kaur and Smriti Mandhana displayed exceptional skills to lead India to a seven-wicket win. The thrilling encounter held at the picturesque Dhaka Stadium enthralled cricket fans across the world. This article highlights exciting moments from the match, remarkable performances, and strategic insights, providing a comprehensive overview of “India vs Bangladesh Women’s 1st T20I” that will engage readers and capture the excitement of this exciting contest.

Brilliant batting performance from Harmanpreet Kaur

Indian cricket legend Harmanpreet Kaur showcased her mettle with a breathtaking inning that paved the way for India’s victory. His powerful stroke play and impeccable timing made the opposition struggle to contain him. Harmanpreet’s intelligent shot selection, combined with his ability to find gaps in the field, contributed significantly to India’s successful chases.

Excellent contribution of Smriti Mandhana

Another standout performer in the match was left-handed opener Smriti Mandhana. Mandhana’s brilliant strokeplay and astute shot selection provided the perfect complement to Harmanpreet’s attacking style. His brilliant knock of XX runs off XX balls played a vital role in India’s chase of the target. Mandhana’s ability to find gaps and rotate the strike put constant pressure on the Bangladeshi bowlers. His partnership with Harmanpreet laid a solid foundation for India’s resounding victory.

Bowlers’ flexibility and wicket-taking ability

While the batsmen dominated, India’s bowlers were instrumental in restricting Bangladesh’s score and setting the stage for a successful chase. The disciplined and skillful bowling attack displayed by the Indian team stifled the opposition’s batting lineup. The Indian seamers and spinners consistently hit the right length, making it difficult for the Bangladeshi batsmen to score freely. The wicket-taking ability of the bowlers, along with remarkable performances.

Fielding tactical brilliance

Apart from exceptional batting and bowling performances, India’s fielding unit displayed their athletic ability and agility throughout the match. The players’ quick reactions, accurate throws, and sharp catching ability helped put pressure on the Bangladeshi batsmen. The fielders’ ability to save crucial runs and get run-outs at crucial junctures contributed greatly to the overall performance of the team.


The first T20 match between the India and Bangladesh women’s cricket teams will remain etched in the memories of fans and experts alike. Harmanpreet Kaur’s stellar batting performance, Smriti Mandhana’s stellar contribution, the bowlers’ resilience and the tactical brilliance displayed on the field collectively led India to a resounding seven-wicket win. This thrilling contest showcased the skill, determination and teamwork of the Indian women’s cricket team, underlining their prowess in the international arena. As fans eagerly await the next clash, it is clear that India’s outstanding display of cricketing prowess has set a benchmark for excellence in the sport.

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